Arrowleaf Clover - 50 LB

Arrowleaf Clover - 50 LB

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Arrowleaf clover is a cool-season annual that is highly productive in fall and spring and a top-choice forage. Though it's an annual, Arrowleaf Clover is a heavy reseeder-with the right management, you can get several seasons of production out of one planting. This plant is typical of most clovers with three leaflets. Each leaflet is arrow-shaped with a large white "V" mark. Leaves and stems are generally smooth and plants can obtain heights of four feet or more. In late spring, Arrowleaf Clover produces clusters of white flowers with a light tinge of pink or purple. Growth normally occurs until hot weather hits in late June or July in most areas. The plant then disperses an abundace of seeds for future germination. Planting Rate: Broadcast-10 to 15 lbs. per acre; Drill-5 to 10 lbs. per acre.

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