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Arrowquip Q-Catch Head Holder

Part Number: 884485

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The Patented Q-Catch Head Holder takes cattle control to a new level, and is extremely useful for tasks including ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more. The two pieces of the Head Holder move in a synchronized, scissor-style motion to clamp around the animal's head securely for maximum control of your livestock without causing pain. This allows the handler up-close access to the animal's head for any procedure necessary without placing unnecessary stress on the animal.

Single Lever Operation [PATENTED]
The Q-Catch Head Holder is operated with a single, user-friendly handle, allowing you to secure the head in place with a smooth motion. The dual friction lock automatically engages, providing secure cattle control every time it is used.

Calms Cattle Down Immediately
The moment the Head Holder is secured around their head, even the most riled up cattle calm down to be worked on safely. The scoop provides cattle with a place to rest their head comfortably, and the top bar ensures they cannot throw their head around and injure the handlers who are working with them.

Compact Design
The compact design of the Head Holder allows it to store in an upright position, aligned with the Head Gate door. This ensures that the Head Holder is completely out of the way for both livestock and handlers when not in use.

Adjustable Height
The Head Holder is designed specifically for the Head Gates on Arrowquip Cattle Chutes. This allows you to adjust the height of your Head Holder for different sized livestock with two tension bolts.

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