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Mark-It Blue Dye Indicator - 8 OZ

Part Number: 247169


Quantity Available: 12

Spray identification after applying insecticide, herbicide, or fungicide to your lawn or garden, use Monterey Mark-It blue spray solution colorant to indicate where you have applied a chemical spray. Avoid overlap by utilizing the Mark-It blue, you will be able to avoid overlapping sprays as well as ensure that you have applied the chemical to all desired areas. It works great with Roundup or remuda, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Breaks down in heat and light - the blue color of the product breaks down with exposure to heat and sunlight. The more sunlight and heat, The faster the breakdown. Depending on usage, apply as a foliar spray, soil drench, or soil incorporation. No permanent stain. Mark-It blue is an indicator that will not permanently stain foliage or skin, but if it is spilled on Fabric, it should be washed off before it has a chance to dry. Ideal for a variety of applications. This product can be used for golf courses, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, and any other turf or grass areas. Anywhere that spray Evidence is needed, Mark-It blue can be used.

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