Marshall Ryegrass - 50 LB

Marshall Ryegrass - 50 LB

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Marshall Ryegrass was developed for its excellent cold tolerance, which makes it particularly suited to regions with cold winters. In fact, it is rated by most specialists as the most cold-tolerant variety on the market; however, in warmer regions the plant is not as tolerant to crown rust as Gulf. Primarily Marshall ryegrass is used for pastures where it has high yields in forage production. Provides dramatically better steer weight gains as well over Gulf ryegrass. Can be used as a cover crop, forage, or hay production. Has a moderate tolerance to wet soils and temporary flooding. Adapts well to various soil types, where little preparation is needed for rapid germination. Planting Time: Fall/Winter. Seeding Rate: Broadcast-25 to 50 lbs. per acre; Drilling-30 lbs. per acre. Seed Depth: 1/4".

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