Mini Air Express

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The MINI is engineered with the same patented, exclusive features as our industry leading Air Express III blower. It is equipped with one, high powered, high efficiency motor instead of two as with the full size Air Express III.

o The air power will surprise you, approximately 60% of the Air Express
oThis single motor unit only draws 11 amps of electricity. 1265 watts of power.
o Equipped with the patented aerodynamic funnel shaped front end cap design for more air velocity to efficiently dry your animal faster.
o The unique, patented cartridge filter system slides into the metal end cap for absolute protection.
o Includes a supplemental heat booster to increase air temperature up to 10% to dry animal faster.
o Ideal for the small animal or pet exhibitor. Also, handy for blowing off farm equipment.
o Equipped with a 15' long hose. Clamp and nozzle tip included.

19 lbs.

Comes in 11 color options.

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