Quick Coupling Hydraulic Adapter

Quick Coupling Hydraulic Adapter

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Pioneer Agricultural Quick Coupling Adapters provide the most reliable and exacting interchange in the industry. These Adapters allow specific male tip styles to connect with a different female coupler style. For example: To connect a farm implement that has a J I Case tip to a tractor with a Pioneer coupler socket, an adapter must be used to convert the two connector

Pioneer Adapters offer a complete range of interchange styles to convert quick coupling connections without replacing the existing male tip on the implement. Interchange profiles include Pioneer, John Deere, International Harvester, J I Case, and Ford/ISO.
Technical Characteristics:
- Size: 1/2"
- Conversion Styles: Pioneer, John Deere, International Harvester, J I Case, and Ford/ISO

- Wide range of connection styles to convert implement male tips without replacing them
- Connection styles include Pioneer and major farm equipment brand profiles - Hardened locking ball groove resists wear for increased durability and protection from Brinelling
- Positive valve stop prevents flow checking for smooth performance

- Tractor attachments / implements
- Agricultural farm equipment
- Hydraulic Loaders
- Ag/mobile attachments

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