Salvo Flea & Tick Collar - Large

Salvo Flea & Tick Collar - Large

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Easy-to-use flea and tick collar that quickly and effectively protects dogs from fleas and ticks for 6 months. Fleas on the dog are killed and fleas in the dog's environment that may appear on your pet will be killed.

- Proprietary triple clasp system
- Peel-away comfort strip easily pulls away to create a smooth surface for a comfortable fit
- Fast action kills fleas and ticks on the dog for up to 6 months
- Works on contact - fleas and ticks don't have to bite to die
- Water resistance allows for bathing and swimming with no loss of protection
- Package contains two collars to protect your dog for an entire year

Remove the collar from its packaging, separate the Peel-Away Comfort Strip and place in the
trash. Place collar around dog's neck, adjust for fit, and buckle in place with the main clasp. Feed excess collar through the remaining two clasps for extra hold and a clean fit. The collar must be worn loosely to allow for growth of the dog and to permit the collar to move about the neck. Generally, a properly fitted collar is one that when fastened, will snugly slide over dog's head. Leave 2 or 3 inches for extra adjustment. Cut off and dispose of excess length. Wash hands after placing collar on dog. Replace collar every 6 months.
Dogs 12 weeks of age or older.


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