Slip Joint Pliers - 6-1/2 IN

Slip Joint Pliers - 6-1/2 IN

Part Number: 447125


Quantity Available: 17

6-1/2" SLIP JOINT PLIERS - Gripped and Polished with Shear/Wire Cutter

The Flush Fastener Nut and Bolt System allows pliers to be completely flush at the surface of the application, especially on low-profile bolts. Adjustments can be made in the field with a hex key.

The Lobster Claw Teeth design on Wilde Combination Slip Joint Pliers provides two gripping sections, one extra wide and one small.

The hardened, deep, sharply cut teeth provide greater grip and longer wear.

All pliers have a hardened alloy steel bolt to shear for wire cutting.

These All Purpose Pliers fit in the Wilde A67 Belt Pliers Pouch.

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